About Me

I’m Stacie!  Nice to meet you!

Here is a brief glimpse of who I am:

First, and foremost, I’m a daughter of the King. Because of Him, I have found hope and peace in this life and the life to come.

I’m married to my college sweetheart.

I’m a mom to three girls.

I’m the oldest of two sisters and one brother.

I live 20 minutes from my mom (which has saved my life on more than one occasion).

I lost my dad, tragically and swiftly, to cancer when I was five months pregnant with my first daughter. (I’ll be sharing more about that defining moment in my life later.)

Homeschooling my girls is fun for me, and I like to hang out with them.

I like to read books (by the dozens).

In a former life, I was an elementary teacher.

I used to sing. Maybe someday I’ll start again.

I love dark chocolate.

I love coffee.

I love to share bargains.

I’m slightly obsessed with coupons. And I seem to be passing it on to my daughters.

I’m pretty low-maintenance.

I’m pretty quiet. Unless I get to know you. Then, I probably talk too much.

I’m an INFJ.

I like to run/jog. Sort of.

I like to give to others.

Finally, did I mention this?!!

I am loved by God. I have found myself in Him. I am a daughter of the King.

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