Currclick’s Educational FREEbie of the Week: A Mini Lapbook About Baseball: America’s Favorite Sport

Baseball Lapbook

Currclick’s Free Product of the Week is A Mini Lapbook About Baseball: America’s Favorite Sport.

This activity is taken from the Remember Me Pockets June, so if you have purchased the Remember Me Pockets for June, there is no need to purchase this file. If you did not purchase it, this is a great way to get a taste of some the wonderful activities included in our monthly Remember Me Pockets books, as well as our new mini lapbook line.

This is a perfect summer activity to keep your children thinking but still having fun!  Fortunately For You Books has created a mini lapbook for kids who teter between liking and hating lapbooking. Sometimes the hands-on concept of a lapbook is appealing but all the written work required to complete it is not. In this 13 page file you will find an abundance of learning about America’s favorite sport, baseball,  all done in a creative way your child is sure to love. And using ONE page of cardstock instead of three file folders, your child will have created a project to show off the knowledge he has learned about this sport. If you love this file, keeping watching because there will be more coming out very soon!


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