Free Printable Goal Planning Worksheet (Customizable)

It’s a new year!!

I hope you had a wonderful and safe New Year’s celebration.  Mine was about as exciting as playing a Wii game and going to bed!  We ended up having to cancel our trip to my in-laws to celebrate Christmas this weekend because of one sick daughter, so it was an unplanned, quiet evening at home.

Though we really missed the family celebration (it was terribly traumatic to three little girls), it was a good time to take down the Christmas decorations and plan for the new year.

Last week, I shared a few questions you could use as you set some goals for the new year.  Today, I wanted to share a simple goal-planning sheet, so you can write down your goals.  It’s much more effective to put your goals in writing.

You’ll notice the top of the sheet doesn’t look like most goal-setting sheets.  I’ve included a place for your life mission statement, because I think it should be a top priority as you’re planning your goals.

For instance, part of my mom mission statement is to “Be a whole-hearted follower of Christ and to glorify Him by stewarding wisely the time and resources God has entrusted to me.”

Looking at that part of my mission statement led us to make a goal to pay as much extra on our home mortgage as possible.  We want to pay it off as quickly as we can, because we don’t feel like we are being wise stewards if we are living in debt to someone else (maybe someday I’ll write a post on all the events and discussions that led us to this point)!

Anyway…this is a big goal for us. 

And since it is so big, we also have an “Action Plan” (simple steps we are going to take to reach our goal) to go along with it.

1)  We will put an extra $100 per month towards the mortgage (budgeted expense).

2)  We will pay 2 lump sums towards the principal during the year (May and December).

–The money for the lump sums will come from gifts and other unexpected money we receive that is not already included in our budget.
–I will teach several workshops and classes to earn a little extra to put towards the mortgage.
–We will also continue to live as frugally as we can to save as much as we can.

I have to tell you that even though we have this plan, we truly don’t know where the money will come from (though we believe God is calling us to step out and trust Him in this)!  Also, our plans may change, but this is where we’re headed for now!  That’s why I used a pencil as I wrote out my goals!!  :)

I’ve only included three goals on this sheet, but feel free to print out multiple copies.  I’ve printed out eight copies, and I have goals for each of these areas:

Health & Fitness

The form has a simple calendar at the bottom, so you can plot a timeline for achieving your goals.  It’s also a customizable  goal planning form, so you can type it up and print it out!

Coming up in the next few days…I’ll share a few more of my goals for the year, and update you on my weekly goals.


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