Cooking with Kids: Flip Flop Cookies

In honor of National Flip Flop Day, I found this idea for Flip Flop cookies over at Family Fun.  They are easy-to-make and a fun project to do with your kids!  We’ve made them for several birthdays and summer picnics.

You can pin this Flip Flop cookie recipe on Pinterest here.

Flip Flop Cookies Recipe

Ingredients and Supplies:

  • Vienna Finger, Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies, or Nutter Butter Cookies
  • Frosting
  • Licorice (we used Twizzlers Pull-n-Peel)
  • Round candies (M&Ms, Skittles, etc.)
  • Food coloring
  • Knife
  • Sprinkles (if desired)

1)  Choose what color you want your flip flops to be frosted.  Use the food coloring and tint the frosting.  Spread the frosting on the cookies.  Add sprinkles (if desired).

2)  Cut licorice pieces between 1 – 1.5 inches.  Place two pieces in a V shape on each cookie.

3)  Add a round candy at the point of the V shape on the licorice.


Setting Summer Goals With Your Kids (Includes FREE Printable)

Written by monthly contributor, Kristen of Celebrate Every Day with Me:

Setting Summer Goals with Your Kids - Free Printable

I am a huge goal-setter and list-maker.  I love having a plan and knowing where I am going . . . well, most of the time.  One thing I have never done, however, is write goals with my kids.

Being a big believer in letting kids be kids, I didn’t want to overwhelm them or go crazy with a long list of goals.  But since it is summer and we’ll enjoy so much freedom, I thought we’d work together to pick out 5 simple goals.  (I think my 6 year old son is ready for this, more so than my 4 year old daughter.  But she’ll want to do what her big brother does, of course.)

We will be setting goals in these areas:  intellectual, physical, spiritual and service, plus an extra learning quest for fun.

My Summer Goals..

Download the FREE Printable

Ideas for Intellectual Growth - read a certain number of books or amount of time each week.  Join a book club or sign up for your library’s reading program.  (In this post, I talk about inspiring young readers and share a list of reading programs to join.)

Ideas for Physical Growth - Hike two new parks this summer.  Explore three new playgrounds.  Ride bikes a certain number of miles.  Think about what active things your child likes to do and build upon that.

Ideas for Spiritual Growth - Memorize a verse or passage of Scripture.  Read an entire book of the Bible or read a certain amount each day.  This may be a good opportunity to encourage daily quiet times for older children.

Ideas for Service - Help a neighbor with yard work.  Pick a local organization and save money or collect cans of food.  Call a charity and see if they have any special needs that your children can help with.  Check out my ebook, Teach Me To Serve for more ideas.  (The book is intended for preschool age, but the ideas can go beyond.  Use code THANKFUL and get 50% off the pdf copy.)

Learning Quest Ideas - While this ties in with intellectual growth, encourage your child to pick something they would like to learn about this summer.  Maybe they are in to space, animals or geography.  Help them pick something that will be fun and educational.  Then, scout out any local museums, attractions or exhibits that will tie in with their theme.  Go to the library and get out a book on the subject.  Enjoy watching your child learn about what interests them.

kids goals


When setting goals with your kids, remember:  

Keep it simple.  Don’t overwhelm your child with a task that they can’t easily do.  We want them to enjoy setting goals, not be discouraged by them.

Be specific.  Help them write a goal that can be accomplished and recognized when completed.  Don’t write a goal like “ride bikes all summer.”  Give it more definition, such as “Ride bikes on the new trail through town.”

Have fun.  Write goals that are fun and not boring.  Be sure to celebrate their accomplishments.

Have a great summer!


Kristen Summers-squareKristen of Celebrate Every Day With Me is a fun-loving mom to two kids who keep her busy and laughing. Add her great husband and the Lord to the mix and her life is one fantastic (and sometimes crazy) adventure. She is a former youth leader, professional wedding and event planner and has a degree in Christian Thought/Christian Ministry. She loves long lists, diet soda and playing jokes on her husband.

Kristen is the author of Teach Me To Serve:  99 Ways Preschoolers Can Learn To Serve & Bless Others.  On her blog, you’ll find fun ideas for children’s activities, creating memorable moments and party planning.

Magic Milk Paint Experiment for Kids

Monthly contributor post from Jenn at The Purposeful Mom:

magic milk paint

I found this fun idea on Pinterest some time ago and thought it would be something my kids would love! And indeed they did. Simple art, science and fun all rolled into one!

How to Make “Magic Milk Paint”

Items Needed:

  • Milk
  • Food coloring
  • Dish soap
  • Toothpick or bamboo skewer
Pour your milk into a small dish with a lip. We used some Tupperware container lids and it prevented (most) spills. We used almond milk because it was nice and thick (the original called for whole milk). If you use skim milk the colors won’t be quite as spectacular.
Add a variety of food coloring drops to your milk dish. Dip the “magic” toothpick into dish soap and let your kids tap it onto one of the food coloring drops. The soap will disrupt the surface (intelligent-sounding scientific term: reduce the surface tension) of the milk, pushing the color away from the toothpick.
Continue to dip, allowing the colors to swirl together.
Pretty magical!
Eventually the milk will turn a lovely blue-green color and then you can start all over again with fresh milk! Good times and fun for a rainy afternoon!

Jenn ThorsonJenn is a daughter of the King, happily married to her college sweetheart and mom to four wonderfully spunky children. She spends her time taking care of her home and family, coaching a speech team, blogging and dreaming up more ideas than there are hours in the day. She shares her thoughts on staying debt free, raising children of character and living a life of intentional faith one day at a time at The Purposeful Mom.

Jenn is also the author of God’s Word in My Heart: A Scripture Learning Guide with Memory Verses.

Free Summer Fun Pack: Summer Bucket List Printable + 2 FREE Summer Activity Calendars

Free Summer Fun Pack

Free Summer Bucket List Printable

Whew!  We finished our last week of school, and I’m ready to be finished (although math and reading continue throughout the summer)!!  The girls and I have gotten in the summer spirit…and started brainstorming and compiling ideas for a Summer Bucket List!  If you aren’t familiar with this, it’s simply a list of fun ideas we want to do this summer.  Here is out list from a few years ago.

If you are interested in making your own, read on to see how you can get a “Summer Bucket List” printable!


FREE Summer Activities for Kids

I’ve also had several emails and comments asking me if I would post another Summer Fun calendar to go along with the activities I shared  during the 101 Days of Summer Fun for Kids series!  To that end, I’ve made two calendars for this summer, added the Summer Bucket List printable, and made them all available for everyone!  Nope…you don’t have to subscribe or like my Facebook page or anything (although if you want to, I would love to get to know you)!

The calendars are simply a collection of activities we’ve done over the past few years–like making Campfire Cones, going on a Park Hop, and 59 other ideas!

Included in the Summer Fun for Kids printable pack:

  • June 2015 activity calendar
  • July 2015 activity calendar
  • Summer Bucket List printable

PLEASE DOWNLOAD the calendars and printable Summer Bucket pages below———->

2015 Summer Fun Kids Activities Calendars and FREE Printable Summer Bucket List

Click the link above, and you’ll find the free Summer Fun Pack!  Be sure you have Adobe Acrobat installed to access the calendars, bucket list, and links.


Interested in freebies, deals and more kids activities through the summer? You can sign up for daily emails and get my free Home Management Binder printables.

Not into deals?  I also have a Homeschooling on a Dime website and a faith, fitness, food, and family site at!


I hope you enjoy!  Here’s to a fun summer!!!