30 Ideas for a Dr. Seuss Theme: Crafts, Activities, and Snacks

Dr. Seuss Theme:  30 Crafts, Snacks, and Activities to Celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday

I have been working on this post for a while, because I wanted to round-up a huge list of Dr. Seuss theme crafts, activities, and snacks.  Below, you’ll find over 30 ideas to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss coming up on March 2!

a seusstastic day crafts and activities for dr. seuss birthday

We have all of our “Seusstastic” Day crafts, activities, and snacks on this post!

seuss learning pack 1

Living Life Intentionally has three free Dr. Seuss Learning packs.

seuss themed snacks

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas has a post full of Dr. Seuss snacks and meal ideas.

dr. seuss party food snacks

Mom Favorites has some great Dr. Seuss-inspired snack ideas.  I love the “Cat in the Hat” snack and Truffula Trees (broccoli)!
The Lorax

Living Montessori Now has all kinds of Montessori-inspired activities for The Lorax and also has practical life ideas for The Cat in the Hat!

truffula trees craft

Surviving a Teacher’s Salary show you how to make a Truffula Tree.

dr. seuss games for kids

KC Edventures has three Dr. Seuss games to play–and one includes a free printable.

grinch snack

I love these cute Grinch snacks from Creative Kids Snacks!

I can read with my eyes shut by Dr. Seuss art project

Dilly Dali Art gives ideas for creating art projects to go along with various Dr. Seuss books.

there's a wocket in my pocket activity

This Reading Mama shares a free printable rhyming pack and activities to go along with The Cat in the Hat.  She also has a great idea for a Wocket in My Pocket Scavenger Hunt!

cat in the hat pattern activity

Teach Preschool shares a patterning activity to do with The Cat in the Hat.

cat in the hat snacks

Child Central Station has a yummy snack to go along with The Cat in the Hat.

dr. seuss abc book activity

Get in some alphabet practice with this idea from I Can Teach My Child.

fox in socks puppets

JDaniel4’s Mom made some hand puppets to go along with Fox in Socks!

free coloring pages

The Wise Owl offers free coloring pages to go along with My Many Colored Days.

the shape of me

Kitchen Counter Chronicles shares a Japanese-inspired Shadow Puppet project to go with The Shape of Me and Other Stuff.

dr. seuss thing 1 and thing 2 craft

Rainbows Within Reach shares several Dr. Seuss activities.  I love these Thing 1 and Thing 2 handprint crafts!

printable green eggs and ham activities

Obseussed has a printable game and activities to do with Green Eggs and Ham.

green eggs and ham cookies

Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails shares her Green Eggs and Ham cookies.

an invitation to shake in five steps

The Good Long Road shares her Seuss Shakers!

ten apples up on top activity

See Vanessa Craft has three apple activities to go along with Ten Apple Up On Top.

foot book by dr. seuss activity

Mom Endeavors shares her idea to make a “family foot book” to go along with The Foot Book.

the foot book math activity

Putti’s World has several math activities for The Foot Book.

fizzy footprints

Toddler Approved shares a cool Dr. Seuss science project to go with The Foot Book.

hop on pop hopscotch

Play Hop on Pop Hopscotch from Coffee Cups and Crayons.

one fish two fish snack idea

East Coast Mommy shares a few fishing activites and snacks to go with One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

cat in the hat craft

The Educators’ Spin On It has a week’s worth of lesson plans and crafts to celebrate Seuss!

10 dr. seuss tot trays

Something2Offer has ten Dr. Seuss Tot Tray ideas!

If you haven’t started a Dr. Seuss collection of books yet, we got ours through the Dr. Seuss book club!  Of course, you can always find them inexpensively through the used book option on Amazon, at garage sales, or check them out from the library!

Do you have any favorite Dr. Seuss ideas or activities?  Feel free to share them below.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

A “Seusstastic” Day: Activities to Celebrate Dr. Seuss

I’ve had this idea for quite some time that it would be fun to take some of my old posts and pull them together by theme.  I often run across old posts I’ve forgotten about, and I know most of you probably haven’t seen them either! 

Because the birthday of Dr. Seuss is coming up, I thought I would compile all of my activities and give you a sample day — a look at how I would schedule a Dr. Seuss Theme Morning at my own house!

A Seusstastic Day:  Crafts, Snacks, and Activities to Celebrate Dr. Seuss

Crafts, Activities, and Snacks for Dr. Seuss’ Birthday!!


natural green eggs and ham recipe

8:30 AM:  For breakfast, we begin with a Green Eggs and Ham recipe (you can also try our “natural” version of the green eggs)!  I’ve done this several times with various classes, but never at home because of my daughter’s egg allergies.  Now that she’s recently outgrown them, we made them this year!!

9 AM:  Make a Dr. Seuss “Cat in the Hat” craft!

9:30 AM:  Read-a-thon!  Pull out all those old Dr. Seuss favorites and try some new ones, too!

Our faves:


10:15 AM:  Time for a science experiment!  Mix up some of this Oobleck recipe.  If you’ve never tried it, you should!!

10:45 AM:  Make and play Ten Apples Up On Top!

11:15 AM:  Time for Lunch!  Make “Cat in the Hat” Pizza.

12:30 PM:  Make a tasty Dr. Seuss Cat-in-the-Hat Ice Cream Snack.

1:00 PM:  Naptime for EVERYBODY!!  :)


For more Dr. Seuss crafts and activites:

Find printable units and packets for Dr. Seuss’ birthday at:

Find linkies with all kinds of Seuss activities at:

Check out my Dr. Seuss Pinterest Board

Dr. Seuss Activities: “Natural” Green Eggs and Ham Recipe

One of my favorite times of the year is the birthday of Dr. Seuss!  We love to read his books, and we’ve done quite a few Dr. Seuss activities over the past few years.  This year is no exception.  I’ll be sharing a few new things, but I want to revisit an old activity!

Each year, we make green eggs and ham to go along with our reading of…Green Eggs and Ham!  In the past, I’ve used green food coloring to make the green eggs.  We are trying to avoid dyes in our food this year, so here is an easy way to have naturally-dyed green eggs and ham!

Dr. Seuss Activities:  Natural Green Eggs & Ham Recipe

“Natural” Green Eggs & Ham Recipe


  • Eggs
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Ham (or sausage if you prefer)

1)  Allow a small amount of frozen blueberries to defrost or heat them slightly (we used about 1/2 cup).  Strain the blueberries from the juice.

2)  Pour the blueberry juice into a bowl of eggs (we used a dozen).  Whisk together.

3)  Make scrambled eggs in a greased skillet over medium heat.  Add in the ham or sausage.

Just so you know, it takes a very small amount of blueberry juice to color the eggs!


This post is part of the Virtual Book Club for Kids!  You can get involved, too.

  1. Pick a Dr. Seuss book to read with your child or class.
  2. Do any activity that goes along with the book you chose.
  3. Share what you did with us in the linky below! You can also share in the comments or on the Facebook wall.

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Green Eggs and Ham: Delicious or Disgusting?!!

One of my very favorite activities to do on Dr. Seuss’ birthday is to make Green Eggs & Ham and read Green Eggs and Ham.

*Warning:  Most kids love this.  Most dads aren’t so sure about this.  😉

Pin It


  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 6 eggs
  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup chopped ham
  • Blue or green food coloring (or a natural alternative)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

1)  Grease and heat skillet over medium heat.  Crack eggs into mixing bowl and add milk.  Add a drop or two of blue food coloring and whisk together.

2)  Pour into skillet.  Add ham to the egg/milk mixture.  Cook until egg mixture begins to thicken around the bottom and edges.

3)  Use a spatula to lift and fold the cooked portion to the top, so the liquid portion flows underneath.  Cook until all of the egg mixture is thickened.  “Scramble” the eggs with the spatula.  Serve!

What do you think?  Is it delicious or is it disgusting? 

The vote was split at our house — two people thought it was delicious, two people thought it tasted good but looked terrible (almost bad enough they didn’t want to finish eating it), and one person abstained from voting!