Ten Favorite Books to Read Aloud to Kids

It’s easy for many of us to read picture books to our children when they are younger, but we often don’t keep reading aloud to them as they get older.  I want to encourage you to read aloud to your children as they grow!  I love our family reading times.  There are so many amazing books to share and discuss together.

As part of the iHomeschool Network 10 in 10 blog hop, I wanted to share ten of our favorite chapter books for kids and children’s fiction to read aloud.

1)  The Chronicles of Narnia

The symbolism is deep, the story is beautiful, and I don’t think I really need to say anything more about this series!  It is one of our top picks.

2)  Little House on the Prairie

With three little girls in our house, you know this series would have to be on the list!

3)  All Creatures Great and Small

My husband is currently reading this to my oldest daughter.  My husband is a veterinarian, so these books by James Herriot are some of his favorites!  If you have younger children, I would suggest the James Herriot Treasury for Children for preschool/early elementary ages.

4)  The Boxcar Children

Even my four-year-old was interested in this book!  She drew and played while we read it, but she kept asking for more chapters!  Personally, I do find this series a bit tiresome, but the values are excellent and my girls love them.  In addition to being nice read-alouds, the whole series is also great for your beginning chapter book readers.

5)  Anne of Green Gables

I would probably recommend this book for middle-grade and older students.  It has some very challenging vocabulary, so you might want to have a dictionary handy (we stopped often to look up the meaning of various words).  With that said, my seven-year-old daughter loves this series.  Each child is different and unique in their ability to comprehend, but I read the first chapter to her and she was hooked!  We’re almost to finish the fourth book in the series!

6)  Charlotte’s Web

This tender book makes a wonderful family read aloud.

7)  Mrs. Piggle Wiggle

All three of my girls will sit for Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books!  Mrs. Piggle Wiggle is quite the problem-solver, and even I laugh out loud as we read these!

8)  Kingdom Tales

This is a highly symbolic tale portraying Christ’s love for us as He rescues us and sends us out to help others.  I love the picture of restoration found in this story.

9)  Winnie the Pooh

Definitely another classic….just be sure to pick up the original versions (and not the Disney-fied ones).

10) Pippi Longstocking

We are currently in the middle of reading this one.  We’re exploring tall tales, and this is definitely a tall tale!  It’s so much fun to read!


What are your favorite read aloud books?  I’d love to know!!

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