101 Days of Summer Fun for Kids

I posted this last summer with the intention of finishing up the 101 days of summer activities for kids, but I’m a little late getting started! I have about 14 more activities to share!


I can’t believe summer is here!

Long, hot days.

Fun in the sun.

Kids needing something to do!

Introducing (da, da, da, dah!)

summer activities for kids

101 Days of Summer Fun for Kids!!!

I’ve had the idea for this series in my head for a few months now….I just couldn’t decide if I could actually commit to finding a new activity for kids every single day for 101 days!  As I started scanning my archives, I realized it shouldn’t be too hard!  I’ll be posting a combination of “old” ideas, new ideas, and (hopefully) some of your ideas if you’ll send them to me to share!

If you have a blog and have posted a simple and/or frugal craft, snack, or activity perfect for kids, I would love to feature your idea.  I’ll include a photo and the link back to your directions.  You can email me at motherhoodonadime at gmail dot com.  (I can’t promise to feature every post I receive, but I will try my best!)

As I add the posts each day, I will also come back to this post and update it!  By the end, we’ll have 101 boredom-busting activities we can pick and choose from to make some memories with our kids!

Hope you’ll join me for this journey!!  :)


101 Days of Summer Fun for Kids

Day 1:  Free Printable Activity Calendars for Kids

Day 2:  “Painting” Outdoors Activity

Day 3:  Cloud Dough

Day 4:  Faded Sun Prints

Day 5:  Water Play (with a DIY Water Table)

Day 6:  Paper Plate Sun Catchers

Day 7:  Dancing Raisins Experiment

Day 8:  Solar S’mores Snack (and Experiment)

Day 9:  Homemade Fizzy Sidewalk Paint

Day 10:  Make a Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Day 11:  Soap Science Experiment

Day 12:  Mud Bakery and Cafe

Day 13:  Dot Painting

Day 14:  Water Balloon Target Practice

Day 15:  Dinosaur Dig for Kids

Day 16:  42 Play Dough Recipes

Day 17:  Make Your Own Rain

Day 18:  Construct a Foil River

Day 19:  DIY Planter from Newspaper

Day 20:  Story Starters

Day 21:  Rocket Balloon Experiment

Day 22:  Campfire Cones

Day 23:  Table Top Printing

Day 24:  Marshmallow Toothpick Sculptures

Day 25:  Outdoor Bean Bag Review Toss

Day 26:  Marshmallow Painting

Day 27:  Recycled Hummingbird Feeder

Day 28:  Bubble Painting

Day 29:  July Activity Calendar for Kids

Day 30:  Park Hop

Day 31:  Learn & Play with Water Balloons

Day 32:  Make a Rainbow (Simple Science Experiment)

Day 33:  Homemade Silly Putty

Day 34:  Ice Cream in a Can (or Bag)

Day 35:  Sponge Painting

Day 36:  4th of July Crafts, Activities, and Snacks

Day 37:  Paper Marbling

Day 38:  DIY Light Table

Day 39:  Tin Can Lantern

Day 40:  Liquid Sidewalk Chalk

Day 41:  Shadow Stomp

Day 42:  Stained-Glass Window Project

Day 43:  Make a Water Wall

Day 44:  Pool Noodle Activities

Day 45:  Make Strawberry Shortcake

Day 46:  Paper Beads Tutorial

Day 47:  Balloon Volleyball

Day 48:  Shadow Theater Guessing Game

Day 49:  Color Changing Milk Experiment

Day 50:  Bubble Solution Recipe

Day 51:  Frozen Vinegar and Baking Soda Science Experiment

Day 52:  Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

Day 53:  Frying Eggs on the Driveway

Day 54:  Campfire Cake and Activities

Day 55:  Shared Art

Day 56:  DIY Slip N Slide

Day 57:  Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Day 58:  DIY Stepping Stones for Kids

Day 59:  Sharpie Tie-Dyed T-Shirt

Day 60:  Sun-Baked Recycled Crayons

Day 61:  Bucket Ball

Day 62:  Baking Soda Painting

Day 63:  Flip Flop Cookies

Day 64:  Cool Off Necklace

Day 65:  Water Bottle Experiment and Toy

Day 66:  Outdoor Twister Game

Day 67:  DIY Magnetic Craft Sticks

Day 68:  Beach Ball Towel Game

Day 69:  Frozen Excavation

Day 70:  Rock Painting

Day 71:  Make a Magic Picture

Day 72:  Nature Art

Day 73:  Balloon Ball

Day 74:  Make a Summer Bucket List (includes link to printable)

Day 75:  Puzzle Hunt

Day 76:  Starry Night Box

Day 77:  Ice Sidewalk Chalk

Day 78:  How to Make Sand Clay

Day 79:  Water Exploration Station

Day 80:  Cooking with Kids:  5 Peanut Butter and Banana Snacks Kids Can Make

Day 81:  July 4th Red, White, and Blue Scented Playdough

Day 82:  Water Balloon Ambush

Day 83:  Sidewalk Chalk Stencils

Day 84: 35 Things to Do at a Beach with Toddlers

Day 85:  Skittles “Vacuum” Party Game

Day 86:  The Thankful Tree

Day 87:  Rock and Roll Painting





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    Great list. Thanks for finding these and rounding them all up into one place. Going to pin it for future reference!

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