12 Days of Christmas Carols and Crafts: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Today’s Carol:  Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

You can find words and music here.

*Download a free MP3 here.

*This song is included in Christmas Carols for a Kid’s Heart.

These handprint (and footprint) angel towels would make a great gift!

You need:

  • Dish towel
  • White acrylic or fabric paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paper
  • Milk lid
  • Scissors

1)  Cover foot with white paint.  Step on the towel.

2)  Paint right hand white.  Hold fingers together and press onto the left side of the foot.  Paint left hand white and press onto the right side.

3)  Trace a milk jug lid onto paper.  Cut out the inside to make a stencil.  Use a sponge or brush to paint the head.  Add a halo if desired.

Allow to dry overnight before using the towel.

(My six-year-old wants you to know that she was the photographer today.  She got a little picture happy, and when I uploaded them there were over 60 photos!)


  1. joyceandnorm says

    It turned out great! Give your kid a camera, turn them loose and it's so interesting and sometimes hilarious what they capture.

  2. Jennie C. says

    Great idea! Do you need to do anything special with the fabric paint? Special wash instructions?

    • Stacie says

      I think I just followed the instructions on the paint, and I haven’t had too many troubles — although I’ve just pulled it out at Christmas time, so I don’t need to wash it too much!

  3. Judy Z. says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful idea. I have a family daycare and the kids are going to give these to their parents for Christmas!

  4. says

    We just made these today for little one’s nursery workers and M.O.P.S. teachers (six total). She did remarkably well considering her age (2 yrs, 3 months) and the fact that she hasn’t done a lot of crafts with me. I did it on the kitchen floor assembly-like style, doing one foot and each hand at a time. It helped that I gave her an M & M after each step!:) With fabric paint, I wrote “Angels we have heard on high” with music notes at the beginning and end of the phrase. When this dries, I will find an inside corner and write her name and the date. I’m thinking about doing this again in a couple of days with her and her six-year-old sister so that I remember how small their hands were at this time. I may even do a couple for the grandparents, too–they’d love it! Thanks for an awesome craft.:)

  5. Kate W. says

    Decided to use this idea for a Christmas gift for my mom. My 3 year old loves painting her hands and feet and this was the perfect project. I don’t know if it was the towel or the paint I used (got some fabric paint from Michaels and the two towels I got were red and green) but I really had to douse her palms in white paint to get them looking like yours. I washed the towels first to get any lint off them and then we painted. They turned out really cute! Hope my mom likes them. Trying to figure out now what I can pair with the two towels for a Christmas basket of sorts. Any ideas?

    • says

      I did use a pretty flat kitchen towel, so it probably didn’t absorb the paint quite like a fluffier one would do. I’m glad you were able to get it to work!

      I don’t really have any other ideas for gifts to add–maybe make it a special kitchen basket with nice handsoaps or something like that?

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