17 Children’s Books We Are Reading Aloud in 2013

The girls and I finally sat down last week and made up a list of books we want to read aloud this year.  We have a few books left for our curriculum, and the rest we’ll just add on top!  You can see my personal reading list for 2013 here and a list of goals for 2013 here.

17 read aloud books for kids

Our read aloud times vary during the day.  We usually do some during the morning.  I also read during lunch if John doesn’t come home to eat or if we eat before he gets home.  Finally, we do some reading in the evening, too!

My 4-year-old doesn’t always sit and listen, but I do encourage her to play quietly with blocks, legos, or draw when I’m reading.  The other girls (ages 6 and 8) enjoy that, too!

We will probably add more as we go through the year, but this is a good start.  I will continue to update the list with a brief thought on each book once we finish!

Books for Our Curriculum:

Other Books We Are Reading Aloud:

*Additions to our list:

You can see some of my favorite read alouds for kids here.  You can also find books ideas and reviews in the “Book Basket”.

What books are you enjoying with your children?


  1. Amy says

    There is an excellent recording of “Winnie the Pooh” with Judy Dench as the narrator. We got it from the library and listened to it over and over until it had to go back! By FAR the best audio book I’ve “read” recently, and we listen to a lot of them in the car.

    Love “The Wind in the Willows” too!

    • Stacie Nelson says

      We are loving Winnie-the-Pooh! Thanks for the suggestion on the audio narrator. I bet that makes it lovely….it’s such a fun story to read outloud!

  2. Tami says

    We’re on the Hobbit now, as our 7 yr old wanted to get started on the Lord of the Rings like her big brother had…we’ll see about that trilogy…. Our 5 yr old isn’t totally listening, but she knows what is going on. Like with Narnia books and others, I sometimes have to double speak the hard/British words so that they can understand it better. Since we have a big age range, (5-10), we switch up the levels for bedtime reading, or I try to read simpler things to the girls at other points in the week, and our oldest reads on his own in bed. At different times, we’ve split into groups for bedtime stories–oldest boy on his own (like when we read him Lord of the Rings) and the girls together for whatever they were choosing, but my husband is away in the evenings a lot now, so that would make bedtime waaay long for me. What do you do for bedtime stories, Stacie? Or, since you read in the day, do you not read at night?

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Each of the girls gets to pick out a book at bedtime. Generally, the two youngest will pick a picture book. I’ll read it to them, and John reads a chapter for the 8-year-old from whatever book she wants. They read All Creatures Great and Small together–that was fun to see!

      If John isn’t home, then I read a book to each of them. It doesn’t normally take much more than 20-30 minutes though since they are picking picture books and one chapter from a chapter book.

      I don’t know if my girls would like the Hobbit yet! I like the idea of reading it to them, but I’m just not sure. They don’t seem to like anything they deem too “scary”!

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