Clay Pots: Outdoor Discovery for Musical Monday

Do you have any old clay pots around?  Use them to make a fun, outdoor musical instrument!


Office rings or paper clips

Yarn or twine

Various sizes of clay pots
Spoons, sticks, etc.
1)  Tie a metal office ring with a 1.5-2 foot piece of yarn or twine (if you’re going to leave these up for a while, I would recommend twine or rope).  Thread it through the hole in the bottom of a clay pot.  The pot will be upside down and the ring will be inside it.

If you don’t have office rings, you can manipulate a paper clip to form a circle.  I used paper clips on two of mine.  We actually think those two make the best sounds when struck.  Hmm…
2)  Tie the pots to a rod of some sort.  We used the swing set bar!  You can also do this inside using a pocket chart stand, hanging stand, or something like that.  Explore the sounds by using various objects to hit the pots (spoons, pens, sticks, etc.).

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  1. Mommy Cameron says:

    I love how simple this is!

  2. Thanks! Me, too!

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