Coffee Creamer Snowman

This morning, we attempted to make snowmen out of recycled coffee creamer containers!


  • Rinsed coffee creamer container
  • White paint (depending on brand of container)
  • Permanent markers
  • Scrap material/ribbon

1)  If your coffee creamer container is clear, pour some white paint and a few drops of water into it.  Replace the lid and shake, shake, shake (you’ll shake it quite a bit to get the insides covered!.  Some containers (International Delight) are already white, so you don’t need to do anything!

2)  Decorate a face and buttons with permanent markers.  Queasy about permanent markers?  Glue on wiggly eyes, use stickers, cut out a paper smile, etc.  The options are limitless!

3)  Extra idea:  Add a scarf from ribbon or a piece of scrap cloth.

(I’m supposed to point out to you that the tall one – made by my oldest daughter – has on a skirt)!


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