FREE Download: June 2012 Summer Fun Activity Calendars for Kids (Two Variations)

**Update:  Find out about the free Summer Activity calendars for June and July 2013 here!


Because I’m always looking for new activities and ideas for the girls during the summer, I decided to make a downloadable calendar with daily activities for June!  I’ll also be posting another activity each day on the blog as part of the 101 Days of Summer Fun for Kids series, so you should find plenty of options for summer fun!

 Summer Fun Activity Calendars for Kids (June 2012)

The first is a thematic calendar for preschool and early elementary ages.  The second calendar includes one summer fun activity per day!  I’ve included links from several wonderful blogs including:


Because I’m trying to grow my Facebook community and email subscriber list, I’ve made these available for those of you who are following me that way!

If you’d like to access the calendars, head over to Facebook, “Like” Motherhood on a Dime, and find the WELCOME tab (it looks like the picture above).  Click on that when you are on my Facebook page and you’ll be taken to a page where you can find three subscriber exclusives:

  • June 2012 Activity Calenders
  • Home Management Binder Editable Cover
  • Home Management Binder printables

Simply click on them and save them to your computer!

Email subscribers will find a link underneath each post in the daily newsletter!


  1. Amy says

    This looks wonderful & I subscribe via email, but I cannot find the link to download the calendar??? HELP!

    • Stacie says

      Mea Culpa!! Thanks for letting me know…I knew there was something I forgot to do! I didn’t get my link changed out. I just updated it, so you’ll get the link tomorrow! Sorry about that!

  2. says

    Your Amazon gift-card offer sounds great! As a missionary on a frugal budget 😉 I often “Lust” after different Amazon books and products that we can’t afford, SO, I really appreciate your idea!

  3. says

    Although it’s not a blog, another source of activity calendars is the Head Start Body Start website. They put out calendars of physical activities and have 3 years worth of them in English and Spanish

    • Stacie says

      Hi, Jenn! Did you like the Facebook page and look for the “Only Likers” tab? You’ll find the link there when you click on it. Otherwise you’ll need to sign up via email and get the link tomorrow afternoon when the daily update comes out! Hope that helps….let me know if you still have questions!! :)

  4. sue mcclelland says

    I love your website and emails. I use your tips the all time. Thanks so much for all you do.I would love to download the June calendar but can’t figure out how. Thanks so much for your time!!!

  5. ELizabeth Staska says

    I am unable to download the 101 kids activities calander. Is there something I should be doing differently?

  6. Trudy says

    I couldn’t find the ‘only likers’ button on the Facebook page but found the downloads under ‘welcome’.

  7. EmilyD says

    Just an FYI … I “liked” you on Facebook but didn’t see a welcome page or “only lickers” tag. I might be missing it thought :)

    I signed up via email too if that will solve the issue for me.

    Love your site!

  8. Wendy says

    I’ve been a ‘liker’ on FB for over a year and an email subscriber. I don’t know how to get the bucket list or 101 printables. Is that only for newcomers? :-(

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Nope! On the post, I show you where to find them–you need to look for the “Welcome” tab (it’s right between the photos and number of likes on the FB page.

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