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Way back in August, I began sharing the special God’s Little Explorers home preschool curriculum I was writing for my daughter.  I was hoping it would be a blessing for those of you who were looking for something like it–and looking for free preschool curriculum!  You can find the plans for each week available to download separately, and I plan to keep those available for free for quite some time.  If you aren’t familiar with how I’ve structured this program, please check out a sample lesson plan here.   You can also find more info here.

However, I have had several of you ask about getting everything as one download, so I am currently going through and pulling everything together for all 28 weeks worth of lessons!  I’ve also added a simple two-page assessment you can use to track your child’s progress through the program and tried to diligently proofread and update the lessons.

What I’m most excited about it that I am having all of the worksheets professionally designed…since my free printables are…well, they are free so you can’t complain!  :)  It will really be a nice bundle…with over 130 pages!  Because of the amount of time it took to get everything working and together, I have decided to sell this download for a final price of $14–that is just $0.50 per lesson.  Hopefully, it will be convenient for you to have it all in one eBook!

Christian Preschool Curriculum

BUT….I wanted to offer something special to those of you who are already my readers and subscribers before the final release at the end of May.  Since we are still working on getting it all together, I wanted to do another Pre-Release extra-special price for just 2 days. 

Through Saturday, May 11, I am pricing the bundle for just $8. 


Here’s how to get it:


Regular Price:  $14  $8

God’s Little Explorers:  Semester 1 (NOW) + Complete 28-Week and Bonuses Download When Released in May 2013

You can get God’s Little Explorers as part of a “Pre-Release” special.  When you purchase the download, you’ll receive the first 1/2 of the curriculum immediately (14 weeks of lesson plans + a few extras).  Then, IN MAY 2013 (after the rest of the curriculum has been written), you’ll receive the COMPLETE download with both first semester and second semester plans in one download.

There will also be a few bonuses added to the complete curriculum.  I’m working on finalizing those, so I can’t quite share yet, but I think they will be a nice addition!

Update:  All of the worksheets will be professionally designed, and I’m so excited.  My little worksheets are okay–but this will be so much better!!

God’s Little Explorers Pre-Release Download — $14 $8 (through 5/11/13)


Please be sure you understand.  You will only receive the FIRST SEMESTER of plans when you make this purchase, but purchasing NOW ensures you will receive the complete download at the end of May.  The download will be sent to the same email address you purchase with now (I do not have a way to send the download to any other email addresses).  You will receive another link to download the entire curriculum in one file at the end of MAY 2013.

Okay!  I hope that was clear!  Please email me with any questions or leave a comment below before you purchase if I am not making sense!

Now for the not-so-fun stuff I have to write:  This is a digital download, so no refunds will be given.   These are copyrighted plans, so you may not share this download with others.  You may not sell these plans or host them on any other website or file-sharing service.  You may print copies to use yourself.  All rights are reserved.

Thank you so much for your support of me during the writing of this curriculum!  I’m blessed to have such amazing readers, and I pray this website has been a blessing to you as well!


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  1. shontae ayala says

    I bought the 5$ preschool curriculumn and cant quite figure out how or where i go to download it. please help

    • Stacie Nelson says

      You should receive an email to the same email address you used for Paypal. The email contains a special download link for the curriculum! You may want to check your spam folder if you are not finding it in your inbox. Let me know if you need more help!

  2. Susan Grado says

    -Also just bought the curriculum. BUT my email with Paypal is no longer active. I have been trying to change it with them but it keeps using the old one.

  3. Ella says

  4. Ella says

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Hi, Ella,
      I cannot find your email on the purchase log. Do you know when you purchased it or if that was the email you used to pay with through Paypal? You can send me an email at motherhoodonadime at gmail dot com with more info so I can find your transaction and resend the download through the company I’m selling the complete file through!

  5. Jessica McGregor says

    I just purchased Download and after opening email and clicking link…it took me to a page that had another ” click here” to download God’s Little Explorers Pre Release Special. I clicked on click here and nothing is happening……?????? Ummm what am I doing wrong? thanks

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Hi, Jessica! I sent you a few emails. If you aren’t seeing anything from me, please check your spam–as my emails sometimes go there for yahoo addresses!

  6. Myrta says

    I’m having the same issue as the previous poster. I purchased the $10 option on the 20th and I haven’t received an email with the link. I checked the spam folder and searched my whole email. Help please :-)

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Please contact me at motherhoodonadime@ gmail . com with the email address you used to pay for the purchase. I have to go into the company and search for your invoice and resend the link!


    • Stacie Nelson says

      Please note also that the download link goes to whatever email you use to pay through Paypal with, so if you used another email, you’ll need to check that one!

  7. Katherine says

    what type/style is the download? Which e-reader will it work for kindle? Thanks

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Hi, Katherine,
      It is just a PDF download. You can read it on your computer…or a tablet that has Adobe Acrobat.

  8. Jeannie says

    So excited about this curriculum!! Can’t wait to get the final part in a few weeks!

    • Stacie Nelson says

      I’m so glad! I am excited, too…Especially now that I’ve seen some of the extras and felt the relief of looking at printables that are much prettier than mine!

  9. Megan Honeycutt says

    I have a question: we have a small Mother’s Day Out group at my church and the teachers are going to purchase the curriculum (I already have) but I wanted to make sure it is okay with you if we use it with our Mother’s Day Out children. Thanks!

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Sure! As long as each teacher has their own copy, that would be fine!

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