Idea and Activity Organization: Index Cards to the Rescue!

I have a confession. 

I struggle with brain clutter!

I have too many ideas.  I write them on pieces of paper.  I lose the paper (and I can’t find it when I want it).  It drives me insane!

So, I came up with this simple idea.  Whenever I have an idea for an activity for the girls, I write it on a colored index card.  I place it in an index card holder, and when I’m planning or looking for something to do, I can pull out the cards with all my ideas on them!

I’ve also listed every learning activity we have on white index cards.  When I want to plan which ones to use, I just pull out eight to ten activities and get them ready for the next week.  Then, I move those cards to the back, and we have a fresh rotation the next week!

I can’t say my mind is completely uncluttered, but it’s helping!!  And I remember to utilize the activities we have that I sometimes forget about! 

*On a side note, I’ve also found Pinterest helpful in organizing ideas, but sometimes I just need a break from the computer!!


  1. Mercedes says

    These is a great idea. Since all the school stuff is on sale I think I am going to get myself a note card holder. Thank you!

  2. Radtke Customs says

    Been thinking about this all weekend. Realizing that it's just going to be me and the 3yo at home all day this next school year, I may have to put this one into action. She is going to keep me hopping even more than I am now with her.

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