Indoor “Snowball” Hunt

If you’re stuck indoors, or you are just wishing for snow (like us!), this is a simple little activity to get you up and moving around.  It also builds fine-motor skills (if you use tweezers) and develops one-to-one correspondence.


  • Ice cube tray or egg carton
  • 12 cotton balls

1)  Hide the “snowballs” around the house.

2)  Have your child find them and place one snowball in each section of the ice cube tray!

*Variation:  Pick up the “snowballs” with tongs or tweezers after your child finds them. 


When you finish this activity, use the snowballs to have an indoor snowball fight!


    • Stacie Nelson says

      Thanks so much! Are you posting day by day or as one post? I’ll try to promote it when I see it!

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