Jamba Juice: Sip to Support Program + Bonus

Most of you know that I am donating proceeds from the sale of God’s Little Explorers to a building project for an orphanage I’m associated with through my church, and I’ve had several of you have asked about how you can support it, too!  I know not everyone is interested in buying the curriculum, but it you still want a way to support them, I have two options!

jamba juice

If you frequent Jamba Juice, the first option is for you!  Simply sign up for Jamba Juice Sip to Support and use the special card each time you go.  10% of your purchase will be donated to the orphanage building project!  Plus, they will also receive a special bonus if you sign up before June 30, 2013.

To do it:

  • Go to this page and sign up.
  • Be sure to pick Asha Ka India, Inc. as the organization you are supporting!
  • Use your card at Jamba Juice each time you order!  It looks like you may also get special offers, too!

The other option is to donate via Paypal. You’ll also receive a tax receipt if you donate this way. Just follow the button and directions to do so!

Of course, you can also purchase God’s Little Explorers and all proceeds from that will be donated as well!



  1. says

    As the stateside office volunteer for this girls’ home, THANK YOU so much for posting this! It’s such an easy way to support the mission of the home!

    I have a card from the program and it’s easy to do! You’ll get special Jamba Juice offers, plus, when you add funds onto the card (it’s a reloadable debit card) you’ll get bonuses, too. Right now there’s one when you add $1, you’ll get $5 “free” added to your card. There are some for $15 and $20 (maybe $25?) purchases.

    Our family has sponsored one of the original three girls in this home since the beginning and it’s such a huge blessing for US! I can vouch for the family and staff running this home. Their heart is 110% behind these girls and they use any support to directly house, educate, and grow these girls into wonderful daughters of the Lord. :-)

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