“Jumping” Grasshopper Craft

I found the basic idea for making this grasshopper “jump” in a craft book from our library.  I love old craft books!!

Jumping Grasshopper Craft


  • Egg carton
  • Green paint, markers, or crayons
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Glue
  • Exacto knife or other sharp object (to poke holes)

For the “bounce”:

  • Rubber ball
  • Straight pins

1) Cut a three-section strip from an egg carton.  Use paint, markers, or crayons to color it green.

2)  Bend pipe cleaners to form the grasshopper legs.  Either poke a hole in the egg carton and hook them through that way or simply bend them over the edge of the egg carton and tape them down on the inside.  Cut a smaller section for the antennae and fold it in half.  Cut two small holes (I used an exact-o knife) in the front, top egg carton section and push the pipe cleaner through to form the antennae.

3)  Glue on wiggly eyes.

To make the grasshopper jump:

Find a rubber ball large enough to fill the middle section of the body.  Use straight pins pushed through the carton into the ball to hold it in place.

Our ball was a little too small, so it just did flips.  A larger ball should provide for more hopping action.  Be sure the eyes and pipe cleaners are glued and stuck in tight though.  Also, if you add the straight pins, be sure to monitor your children’s play.  I don’t want anyone getting poked or hurt if they try to take out the pins!


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