Kite Math and Snack

Go fly a kite!!!  Seriously…you can’t have a kite theme without actually flying a kite!  Take some time today or this weekend to make a memory with your little one(s)!  You can even sing to them, “Let’s go fly a kite up to the highest height…”  And when you’re finished, you can do this quick math and snack idea!

We had some leftover Easter candy, so I made a quick “Kite” math activity.


  • Paper
  • Pen/Markers
  • Twizzlers

1)  Draw a few kites on a piece of paper.  Number the kites.  Let your child decorate them.

2)  Have your child place the corresponding number of snacks for the kite tail.

For a little more gluing practice, cut down a few triangles (leftover from Tuesday’s kite).  Form the kites, glue, number, and place the corresponding snacks for the tail.

When you finish, enjoy a treat!

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