Valentine Printable: “You Color My World”


If you are looking for a simple party Valentine for friends or a no-candy Valentine, this idea is fairly quick and easy.   I’ve even included a printable for you!

free printable valentine sheet

Free Printable Valentine:  You Color My World


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1)  Print out coloring sheets (I found ours here), or pull out sheets from a coloring book.  Print the “You Color My World” sheet and fill it out.

2)  Cut-out the hearts, and glue them in the middle of a 3″-4″ wide strip of paper.  Glue the back together to form a tube (hot glue works well and quickly)!

3)  Roll-up the coloring sheet and insert into the tube.


For older children, you might want to spin-off this idea!  You could use a crossword puzzle, word search, or origami!



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