Organization Tips: Organizing and Storing Your Craft and School Supplies

Last year, I did a ten day series on organizing your craft and school supplies using inexpensive or recycled materials.  I thought I would reshare those ideas today since many of you have been asking about ways to organize inexpensively.

I understand the frustration of seeing those beautiful, picture-perfect homeschool classrooms on Pinterest–but I don’t have an IKEA classroom either!!  I think it’s important to remember that while it’s nice to look at a pretty classroom, it isn’t necessary to spend tons of money making it look perfect.  If your child feels comfortable, it’s a great place for them!

Simple & Frugal Ways to Organize Your School and Craft Supplies

Inexpensive and Simple Organization Tips for School and Craft Supplies

Craft and School Supply Organization

School & Craft Supply Organization Tip #1: Use skirt/pant hangers and plastic bags to hang puzzles, charts, or lightweight craft supplies (feathers, pom poms, etc.).

If the bags are slipping out of the hanger clips, roll the plastic bag over a few times and then clip to get a tighter grip.

school supply storage

School & Craft Supply Organization Tip #2: Make use of heavy-duty plastic zipper bags.

School & Craft Supply Organization Hint #3: Repurpose Drink Carriers. (Ours are from Sonic!!)

School & Craft Supply Organization Hint #4:  If you have babies, you probably have a few of these!  Try reusing Baby Wipes Containers

School & Craft Supply Organization Tip #5:  We still use this almost every single day! Repurpose an Old Spice Rack.

School & Craft Supply Organization Tip #6: Reuse Food Containers.  There are tons of ways to utilize these!

School & Craft Supply Organization Tip #7: Organize with Pizza Boxes (10 ideas).  I’m spoiled since my mom runs a pizza shop, but you may be able to ask for these.

School & Craft Supply Organization Tip #8: Make a Book Holder Out of a Drying Rack.  If you have an old one of these, it works well for coloring books and crayons!

School & Craft Supply Organization Tip #9: Organize with Plastic Shoeboxes

School & Craft Supply Organization Tip #10: Over-the-Door Craft Supply Holder

Do you have any inexpensive or recycled craft and school supply organization tips?


  1. Debby says

    I found another key is not to just randomly create a storage space for certain items, for example crayons, markers, etc, but sort and thin out first. Teaching my child to continue to be creative but be minimalistic and bless another child with your over abundance of crayons; Do you really need 20 identical red crayons? We were able to share crayons with a needy school, and not need as much space to store all those crayons,etc.

    • says

      Definitely. I’m a huge fan of simplifying before storing. No reason to store items you don’t use. Since I have three girls and watch other children, a tub of crayons still works best for us though. I just wanted to give some ideas for inexpensive ways to store items!

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