Overwhelmed by Motherhood? Read On…

Last October, I had the opportunity to attend the Allume Social blogging conference. I had such a wonderful time and the opportunity to connect with many bloggers I’d never met.

At dinner one evening, I ended up sitting beside Robin Kramer, a blogger and newly-published author.  I wasn’t familiar with her blog, Pink Dryer Lint, but it’s definitely a fun read — especially since she has three daughters just like me!

TIBAM Cover Final

We started talking about the new book she had just written on becoming a mom, and while I thought it was interesting and I definitely like to support new authors, I wasn’t sure about the topic.  Honestly, I’ve read a ton of parenting books, and I wasn’t sure about reading yet another book on motherhood.

But I’m glad I did.

I had the opportunity to read the Kindle edition of Then I Became a Mother, and I actually read the whole thing one afternoon driving home from my in-laws (well, my husband was driving–and I was reading)!  I just got so caught up in it, I couldn’t put it down.

Robin’s carefully-penned words captured the experience of new motherhood in a way I’ve never been able to convey–either in spoken or written words.

Reading this book took me back to those early days and all the challenges.  The crazy hormones, the postpartum depression, the feeling that somehow I’d lost my identity, and the overwhelming love for those little babies entrusted to my care.  I was reminded that all of the experiences I thought were unique to me really weren’t!  They were actually part of the growth and process of becoming–of finding my way as a mom.  I wish so much this book had been around when I was brand-new to this whole motherhood thing.  I would’ve realized I was actually normal!

I’m in a different stage now.  I don’t have the sleepless nights, milk-soaked shirts, and feelings of complete desperation (well…not quite as much) anymore.  But I want to remember those early days, so I can encourage the new moms in my life.  So much of what Robin wrote resonated with me.  As moms, we really need to cheer each other on, provide support, and reassure each other that we’ll make it through!

You can find out more about the book in this video:

This book is perfect for any mom–and the paperback version of Then I Became a Mother would be especially nice to give as a gift to a brand-new mom!  You can also find the book for Kindle or Nook.

If you want to use the book in a book club or study group, you can find a discussion guide here.


Robin has generously offered three copies of her eBook for my readers.  To enter, just follow the directions below!  This giveaway will close February 19, 2013 at 10 PM CT.

*Disclosure:  I was given a copy of the book to review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Berry says

    The overwhelming responsibility of raising another human being, of shaping her life, molding her.

  2. Tara H says

    The hardest part of motherhood for me has been having to always guard how I act and what I say because I have 5 boys that are watching everything I do!

  3. Rosa says

    Sounds like a great book. I’m in the midst of sleepless nights with 3 kids ages 4 years and younger. I’ve been reading (and trying to read) any books on being a mother, especially during these first few years when the sleep deprivation makes parenting feel so much more challenging.

  4. Cherie Harris says

    The hardest part of being a mother for me is watching my children get their hearts broken. I hate to see them in pain physically or emotionally.

    • Stacie Nelson says

      That is hard! I’m actually reading a book about that this year since I’ve been completely overwhelmed by how difficult that has been.

  5. Linzy says

    Seems like an interesting book BUT being that i am a single mother to a 2 in a half year old toddler is very overwhelming, I work fulltime and as soon as i get home from work i am on mother mode full time as well she is a handful. I am her sole caregiver (Aside from her daycare) Im constantly struggling and always looking for self help as not to take things out on her i am always looking for the perfect self help books for the single parent mother to read and always on a mission to find the best mom blogs but guess what i always have a HARD TIME finding books and blogs that are good for the Single Mom/Mother, When a person writes a book ive noticed it’s always based on a family perspective and it really upsets me. Well i am my daughter’s only family it’s just Her & I. and I’d really love help in this Authors need to realize and tend to forget NOT everyone is a perfect family of 4 or more. Just like me there is alot of single moms who need GUIDANCE Too. (Needed to VENT)

    Miami, FL.

    • Stacie Nelson says

      I often wonder how single moms do it! You definitely have your hands full, and I’m sure that is very frustrating to not find something you can relate to. I know that it would be difficult for me to write a book for single moms since I don’t know what that is like, and I’m guessing that would be the experience of some authors, too.

      I do know that Tricia Goyer was a young single mom for a time and has written some books about the experience, but other that that, I’m not much help!

    • says

      Linzy, yes, I agree with Stacie: single moms certainly have their hands full, and I can’t imagine the challences involved with being the only caregiver all of the time! As the author, I’m certainly not trying to minimize the experience of being a single mom, but since I haven’t dealt with those struggles directly, I can’t address them like someone who’s walked that road.

      Hang in there! You are brave, and your efforts and sacrifices to be the best possible mom to your daughter won’t go unnoticed!

  6. Linzy says

    Thanks Stacie I realize I often don’t know how I do it myself!! But my daughter is my life and it doesn’t help that she is a special needs toddler so yea I’m overwhelmed. But I must say I LOVE your blog very much thank you FO always providing great things. Ill look up tracie n again thanks :)

  7. Elizabeth Thompson says

    The hardest part for me is going through the toddler stage. Sleepless nights with newborns was overwhelming, but your body adjusts. Dealing with toddlers who suddenly start testing the limits, throw tantrums, and talk back to you… I am beyond frustrated most days because of these things. =/

  8. April M says

    The hardest part of being a Mom is praying that you are doing enough to help them be independent as they grow. You want to teach them and equip them so as they grow they can do things for themselves. There is always a struggle to make sure you are teaching them enough, and not just the intellectual skills. They need the emotional and social skills and as a Mom, I am my child’s teacher. I want my child to go to school and be sensitive to the student who is being picked on and be a friend to that child, not pick on them like other kids may. It is a big job and I just pray every day that God gives me the tools to help raise my daughter into the person he wants her to be.

  9. Melissa S says

    The hardest part of motherhood for me has been dealing with my own deficiencies as a human and weeding these weaknesses from my mothering. I am naturally an overreactor in situations where things don’t go my way. I didn’t realize for a long while that kids learn from what parents model; they don’t necessarily just listen to what you verbally teach them if there is a disconnect between the verbal cues and the modeled behavior. I have been working on changing my own behavior and now have to re-teach my 5-year-old to deal with frustration in productive ways. Unlearning bad behaviors is much more difficult than teaching productive behavior in the first place.

    • says

      Melissa, I understand this! Being a mom certainly does highlight the areas where we need extra grace and strength! You’re wise to aim to model the best behavior for your children; it’ll speak volumes!

  10. Katie A says

    The most challenging part for me was turning into a stay at home mom. I feel like I gave up a part of myself working hard in nursing school…. It’s really rewarding on the good days. But on those days where my 5 year old says nothing but mean things and tell me what a mean mother I am (from the time out corner) then I am wondering if I made the right decision staying at home… Mother of a 5, 2, and 1 year old:)

  11. Danielle says

    I’m sooooooo tired!!!! I have a 6 week old that is going through a growth spurt and wants to nurse all night long – went to bed at 5 this morning and my 2 year old woke up at 8… My 5 year old loves to sleep so I had to drag her out of bed while wanting to crawl in with her. Lol

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