Preschool Basics: Trash Can Alphabet Review

Who says you need boring old flashcard drills to learn your ABCs?!!  (You know it’s definitely not me!!) 

Trash Can Alphabet Review Game


  • Marker
  • Scraps of paper
  • Trash can

1)  Use scraps of paper and write the letters of the alphabet your child is working on.  You can include capital, lowercase, or both.

2)  Ask your child to find a particular letter (i.e., capital B).

3)  After they find it, have them wad it into a ball and shoot it into the trash can!

4)  Take the pieces out of the trash, smooth them out, and play again!

You can easily adapt this game to practice numbers, spelling words, sight words, math facts, etc.

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  1. citysightsforkids says:

    This is a cute idea – everybody loves crumpling up paper and shooting baskets! I imagine this is quite effective when preparing meals. Once your little learner is reading, you could call out letters that make a word ('T' 'B' and 'A'), and then have her pull them out of the trashcan and try to organize them into a word (or sort them into a word first with the reward of crumpling and shooting)!

  2. I want to thank you so much for all the work you’ve done in giving ideas to those of us who feel a little challenged when it comes to homeschooling pre-schoolers! We’re a little behind on your “God’s Little Explorers” curriculum, so we just reached “R is for Rock” and played this game today. I love how easy it is to customize for your child’s level! I could have my two-year-old finding specific letters while I asked my four-year-old to find the letter the word “rock” (etc.) starts with – they both had a ton of fun and it was a great way for me to gauge where they really are in their alphabet comprehension! Thank you, again!

    • Stacie Nelson says:

      That’s so awesome, Angela! Thank you so much for sharing this comment! It made my day! :)


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