Puzzle Hunt Activity for Kids

I’ve been wanting to try this Puzzle Hunt activity for quite some time, but I always forget to try it during Easter when we have the eggs out!  I was cleaning out a closet (I’m in one of those simplifying moods again) and ran across the tub of plastic eggs, so I decided to go ahead and give it a try.  I think this is the perfect activity if you want to have a non-candy-filled egg hunt on Easter!

This activity combines two of my girls’ favorite things:  putting together a puzzle and going on an Easter Egg hunt.  Unfortunately, all three of them were feeling a little grumpy yesterday, so things didn’t quite go as planned {but they rarely ever do anyway}!  One of them loved the egg hunting part and cried when it was time to put together the puzzle.  One loved the whole thing–including the puzzle-putting-together part.  The other refused to do anything and sat in her room reading a book.

Welcome to my world.  :)

puzzle hunt

Puzzle Hunt Activity for Kids


  • Plastic Eggs
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Basket

1)  Find a puzzle with pieces small enough to fit in the plastic eggs.  Put one piece in each egg.  If your puzzle is quite large, you may want to put more than one piece in each egg.

2)  Hide the eggs.  Have your child go on a hunt to find them.

3)  Open each egg one at a time and separate the pieces–edge or middle part.

4)  Put the puzzle together!

Afterwards, we decided to do a few more eggs hunts since I had the eggs down from storage already. 

I think this could also be a great idea when it’s really hot outside and you need an indoor activity!  Also, you can find more of our Easter Egg and Easter activities for kids here.  You can find 101 Days of Summer Fun for Kids here.


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