Reading Supply Organizer

I shared earlier this month about the various ways we are using drink carriers to organize school supplies (you can also see our math minute box here). 

I LOVE to teach reading, and I’m kind of a geek about supplies; so I made up another organizer for our reading supplies!   Here’s what we have in the box:

In this side of the box:


Supplies in the other side of the box:

Feel free to leave comments with your ideas for what to include in the box!  I’m always up for learning about and adding new ideas!  Also, if you’d like more information to get your toddler or preschooler on the road to reading, check out my hints at Raising a Reader (7 Tips to Teach Your Child to Read).


  1. says

    Eye eieye! I have a 5 year old that we are homeschooling and reading is the ONE subject that has me freaked out! I have no clue how to teach her and feel like so much depends on her getting it! We start AlphaPhonics next week and are dabbling in Explode The Code. Here’s to hoping she picks it up!

    • Stacie says

      It will happen, Nicole! Don’t stress — since she’s five, there is plenty of time!

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