Sharing “All About Me”

Even though we do preschool at home, I like to encourage my girls to stand up and share about themselves (like show-and-tell).  I think it is a great confidence booster and an excellent way to learn (very) basic public speaking skills.


  • Bag or backpack
  • Items that are special to your child

1)  Go on a scavenger hunt!  Have your child pick five objects that are special to him or her.

2)  Invite your child to share what they picked and why they picked it.

I modeled my choices for the girls and gave them the opportunity to ask me questions.  Then, they each shared.  Even the two year old wanted to take part!  She picked out a teddy and shoes for her bag and said they were “sheshal me” (special to me)!  Later, when their dad came home for lunch, they shared what was in their bags with him (without any prompting from me).  They’ve already requested to do it again tomorrow!!


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