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I hesitated to post this since it’s such a huge amount of eBooks/courses and it’s a little overwhelming–but if you are interested in several of these books or courses, it would be an affordable way to gain access to a whole library of resources.  If you do choose to purchase through my links, I will be donating all proceeds to our orphanage-building project in India!

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What’s included in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? ($698 value!)






Faith {For Kids}

Financial Stewardship

Health & Wellness

Holidays & Special Events


Pregnancy & Babies


Working from Home & Blogging

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bonus-imagesIn addition to all the amazing eResources, this bundle includes the best bonus offers it’s ever had. These deals are worth over six times the price of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. So you’re up on the deal right away!

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Remember, this bundle is available for 6 days only, from 8 a.m. (EST) on Wednesday, April 23 to 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Monday, April 28th.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  Proceeds from purchases made through my link will be donated to the orphanage we are helping to build in India!  Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

Inexpensive Exercise Ideas: Get Fit for Less!

Guest post from Julie Roberts:

Inexpensive Exercise Ideas - Get Fit for Less

When I first started seriously working out, I was shocked at how much money I was expected to fork out. You want $100 for yoga pants?! I just… I just can’t. In the beginning, I spent way too much on stuff I did not need because I thought I had to have the best (read: most expensive) tools out there for a great workout. Not to mention, of course, the extravagance of the gym membership. But in time, I learned that getting into shape does not really have to cost a lot. In fact, a lot of activities are free.

Home Time

After I looked at my house and saw that I had so many dumbbells I was tripping over them, I realized I needed to make a big change. Those calisthenics I hated in middle school? Yeah, they’re back. If it was good for the ancient Greeks, it’s good enough for me. Only now, calisthenics have been made cooler by the term “interval training.” Pretty much everyone gets how to do a jumping jack, a pushup, a squat, a stomach crunch and a lunge. If not, the Internet is an easy place to find out, and also to study form. With the purchase of a nice timer app on my smartphone, I was able to create some tough workouts just with these basic bodyweight exercises.

Internet Savvy

At first, I was afraid to try any new workouts. I did what I just described. I used the Internet to get more information on exercises I already knew about. But as I gained confidence, I got bored with the basics and wanted to branch out. As it turns out, the Internet is chock-full of workout programs, philosophies and even coaching that are absolutely free.  Does not cost a single dime!  Yeah, you have to browse through an advertisement occasionally, but that’s par for the course. And in exchange, I found sites that were more than happy to show video demonstrations and create programs for me in yoga, Pilates, barre, weight-lifting and interval training.

“Free” Weights

These weights are not exactly “free,” but they’re pretty inexpensive and they fulfill more than one purpose. I have a simple set of tools that I bought. The first is a set of fitness bands, which my husband got when he ordered p90x. They are highly portable, which makes them great for travel. The second is my kettlebell kit that I purchased from Target for under $25. That saved me space and money. Then, I have a medicine ball. These are useful on their own or in combination with stretching workouts like yoga or Pilates.

The Great Outdoors

Now that spring is here, I am taking advantage of the better weather. I don’t have to be stuck in the gym when I could be in a park, on a walk, run or even a hike. The days are longer now. So when my husband gets home, we load the kids into the stroller and head for a run to the playground. Each time, we go to a different park in the area. Sometimes we even pack a picnic dinner to eat once we get there. We get a workout, the kids get exercise, and we all get fresh air.

Despite what some of the infomercials would like me to believe, fitness does not have to cost a fortune. I found many options available to me via the Internet, at home and outside. And once I took advantage of them, I had a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank.

What are some inexpensive fitness ideas that you love?


More about the author:

Hi all, I am Julie Roberts, a proud wife, SAHM, runner, outdoorsy nature lover, and a fitness fanatic! I also love to write and since I have become a full-time SAHM I have a lot more time to focus on it! Thankfully for me, Stacie has been gracious enough to let me share my writing on her wonderful blog. If you’re like me then spending tons of money on simple things makes you cringe, especially when there are cheaper, and possibly even “free”, methods out there. So for today, I have some of my favorite ways to keep fitness inexpensive. Here’s my email if you have any questions or would like to get in touch!

Eight {Non-Alcohol} Drink Recipes

Eight non-alcohol drink recipes, perfect for Spring or Summer!

 8 Non-Alcohol Drink Recipes 2


Hi, friends! It’s Jamie from Love Bakes Good Cakes! The weather is really starting to warm up here in Phoenix! We’re going to be in the 90′s this week. Cool and refreshing beverages are a fun and welcome relief from the heat! We have lots and lots of fresh fruit available locally right now – and I am taking full advantage of it! All of these drink recipes are great for Spring or Summer. Since there is no alcohol in any of these recipes, they’re also kid-friendly! I hope y’all enjoy!


Strawberry Agua Fresca - a refreshing fruit drink served throughout Mexico. Agua fresca means "fresh water" in Spanish! #strawberry #drink
Strawberry Agua Fresca


Hawaiian Delight Milkshake - take your mouth on a tropical vacation! Vanilla ice cream, coconut milk and pineapple - what could be better?! #drink #easy
Hawaiian Delight Milkshake


Pineapple Orange Smoothie - a healthy breakfast that's easy to make on hectic mornings! #breakfast #smoothie
Pineapple Orange Smoothie


Iced Salted Caramel Latte #beverage #drink #latte #saltedcaramel
Iced Salted Caramel Latte


Cactus Cooler #drink #beverage #nonalcoholic
Cactus Cooler


Arizona Sunset - a fun non-alcoholic drink, perfect for warmer weather! #drink #beverage #non-alcoholic
Arizona Sunset

Berry Milk #drink #beverage #berry
Berry Milk


Horchata - a refreshing Mexican drink made with rice & cinnamon #Mexican #drink #beverage #cinnamon


Connect with me:



Jamie Sherman founded Love Bakes Good Cakes in February 2012. Jamie spends her days with her husband, Brian and homeschooling their 5 children in the Phoenix area. She also develops and tests recipes using her own family recipes that have been handed down to her, as well as those she adapts from cookbooks, magazines, newspaper, online resources and from other bloggers. She believes meals and recipes should be easy enough for the average cook and uses ingredients that are available in most local markets. She strives to share recipes that are family-friendly, budget-friendly and cook-friendly!

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Mom Conference

This is pretty cool!  You can sign up for The Mom Conference running from April 7 – 14.  You get to listen in live–and it’s free!

More details:

The Mom Conference is going to be more fun than grocery shopping without kids, and more educational than having brunch with Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Dr. Spock! And, better yet, it’s ONLINE and FREE from April 7-14, 2014!

Desi Ward, host of The Mom Conference and creator of The Unconventional Kitchen, created this educational and entertaining event because no mom is perfect, we all need to learn from each other. That’s why we MUST share our strengths! You know the whole idea: “I’ll do your laundry if you do my dishes?” At The Mom Conference we’ll gather together to learn from each other because we’re our greatest resource!

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Being a mom can be overwhelming at times, right?! The Mom Conference contains 30+ online classes to make motherhood more enjoyable. 30 rock star bloggers (mostly moms) will be teaching classes on topics incredibly important, like:

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Sounds amazing, right?

Here are a few of the incredible presenters:

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with JEN GROTHE from jen-fit.com

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with JENNY LAYTON from thehappygal.com

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