Grieving Together

It’s 2 AM.

I’m up again…wrestling Heartbroken.

The photos are out now.  The faces of the children looking at us with innocence and joy.  The pictures of the teachers remind me of when I was like them…in a school, teaching children, trying to love those precious ones and give them the best of me I could.  I look at all of the faces, and I’m desperate to know what to make of all of this.

It’s really beyond words.  I’ve listened to the news and the discussions over gun control and mental health and watched my Facebook feed move from sorrow and tragedy to angry words among friends and back to “normal” in a few short days.

So much has been written already and so much has been shared, and I don’t really think I have much to add to the discussion.

But I want to acknowledge those who are grieving.

Callousness or indifferent is not what I’ve meant to portray by resuming my blogging schedule on Monday.  My “normal” came back, but I remember what it is like when life seems to go on as planned for everyone else…and yours doesn’t.

Instead, your new normal must be forged through a path of grief, anguish, and suffering.

And, it’s hard.  So very hard.


Would you join me in grieving with and praying for those finding their way on this difficult path?

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