Are You on Periscope?!! I Am…Because of the Challenge Given to Me by My 11-Year-Old


So, are you on Periscope yet?  I guess it’s one of the fastest growing social media networks ever.  I have to admit, the first few times I download (and deleted) the app, I didn’t really get it…and it annoyed me.

But, it’s growing on me…and my 11-year-old daughter issued me a challenge.  She told me I HAD to do some scopes.  I told her she was crazy:

There is a reason I write a blog.  I like to think about what I’m going to say…and rewrite it…and edit it, and I can’t do that on Periscope.  Plus, I’m an introvert, I don’t like to see myself on camera, and trolls make me crazy.

But my daughter kept insisting that I had things to share with other moms, so I told her I’d think about it.

Anyway, on Monday, I decided to plunge in and just do it.  I’ve been trying to do stuff that makes me uncomfortable, because I’ve realized the only way to grow is to be stretched and do what is hard for me.  I have two scopes under my belt now, and I invite you to join and check out tomorrow’s scope (Thursday at 2 PM CT).  I’m going to be sharing 3 tips for surviving survival mode!

I’m not sure I’ll keep “scoping” once the 30 days is up, but at least I’ll have gotten out of my comfort zone…and hopefully gotten better at the whole video thing! Plus, it seems like a great way to make some new friends, and I look forward to chatting with you there!

You can follow me on the Periscope app – @stacieannnelson 

Chatbooks Review (and FREE Photobook Code)!!

Disclosure: This is not a paid review. I just found Chatbooks and love them! The code below is my referral code, but it gives you your first photobook free with the Instagram series!

Chatbooks review and discount code

Chatbooks Review

One thing I have struggled with is figuring out how to organize and print photos. I know many of my friends make photobooks, but the thought of uploading and arranging and organizing the photos in the book tires me out. I know.  I’m terribly lazy. Or overwhelmed.  Or something.

Anyway…for several years, my photos have been on my phone and nothing has been done with them.

Enter Chatbooks. This little app is easy to use. I chose to make a custom book.  I just uploaded photos from my phone in the app. It put them in order by date. I added a title to the spine and chose a cover photo. It printed one photo per page.  Voila. Done. :)

That’s my kind of photobook. Super simple.

Chatbooks review and code to get a book free

Chatbooks also has an “Instagram” series.  So, if you are over on Instagram (join me here!!), you can sign up and have a new photobook sent to you for $6 shipped after every 60 photos you post!  (If you post some inspirational quotes or other random photos like I do, you can simply delete them from the book, and only include the photos you want.)

Chatbooks Free Book Discount Code

What I love about Chatbooks:

  • Super SIMPLE!!
  • All books are the same size (great for stacking on a bookshelf or displaying on an end table)
  • Puts photos in chronological order
  • Includes one photo on each page
  • You can choose to include a caption (or not)

Special FREE Chatbooks Code

If you want to give Chatbooks a try, I have a special code for you!  Now, this only works when you subscribe to the Instagram series, but it’s a great way to try it out!  Use the code Z2FPLV9A to get a COMPLETELY free book – you don’t even have to pay shipping!!


Made to Crave Kit Giveaway

Made to Crave Giveaway

I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning, and I would like to give away this Made to Crave kit to one of you!  After my Revelation Wellness instructor training last week, I really felt that I need to work on growing my Faithfully Nourished site.  It will be the place I share more about my wellness training, faith and fitness, food, and family.  I’d love for you to join me over there!

You can see more details about the giveaway here.

You can also see the free menu planning printables I have for email subscribers to Faithfully Nourished!

Eating Healthy on a Budget: Shopping the “Three A’s”

Eating Healthy on a Budget Three A's

Over the past three years, we have changed our eating habits dramatically.  I’ve been dealing with various medical issues for a while now and made the decision to eat real, whole foods once I realized how much better I felt after giving up processed foods.  Unfortunately, eating a more whole foods diet can be more expensive, but it still can be done on a budget.

With that said, we have increased our food budget over the past few years (being healthier overall should end up saving us money in the long run).  While we’ve had to cut back on other areas to free up more money for food, I don’t regret it.  Simplifying and eliminating “stuff” has allowed us to make this change, and I shop the “three A’s” to get the most bang for my buck!

The “Three A’s” that Help Me Stay on Budget

1)  Aldi

You know I love Aldi, right?!!  It’s been a great way to add a few more organic and gluten-free items into our diet and still keep the cost manageable.  I purchase lots of fruits and veggies, some fish, gluten-free pasta (on occasion), and some of their special buys.  Because we live about 45 miles away, I don’t usually get there frequently, but I’m sure to stock up when we’re there!

2)  Azure Standard

If you aren’t familiar with it, Azure Standard offers tons (and I mean tons) of natural and organic products for less.  Now, sometimes I can still find cheaper prices through Amazon or with certain sales at my local grocery store, but I find buying in bulk through them helps keep prices lower.  Also, purchasing items that are directly from Azure Standard farms can also save me money.  I like to buy sprouted rice, dry beans, canned tomatoes and sauces, raw cheese, butter, gluten-free noodles, and much more through them.

3)  Amazon

I pay attention to sales on natural and organic food items on Amazon to grab some great deals and help keep the budget low.  I often buy our dairy-free chocolate chips, coconut oil, almond butter, almonds, and more at Amazon.

I also utilize farms in our area, friends with chickens :) , Bountiful Baskets when I’m not able to get to Aldi, and preparing most of our food from scratch.  Those also help us to stay within our monthly food budget.

On a side note, if you’re are interested in eliminating processed foods from your diet, I share some ideas on how to transition to real food here



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