Prime Membership (Free 30 Day Trial)

Amazon Prime Free 30 Day Trial Benefits

You can currently get a 30 day membership to Amazon Prime for FREE.

I’ve used Amazon Prime for about two years now. Being from a small town, I try to buy as much locally as I can, but there are many items I use that aren’t carried in our stores. It’s been so helpful to have free 2-day shipping with no minimum order size! I feel like between the shipping, the free Prime movies and t.v., and the free book loan each month, I’ve really gotten good use out of it.

If you live in a larger city or have access to most items easily, Amazon Prime may not be as good of a deal for you, but I save a ton of gas money! Membership – Prime Benefits:

  • Free 2-day shipping–no minimum order size
  • Free Kindle eBook loan each month
  • Over 40,000 movies and t.v. shows streamed free

You can find more about Amazon Prime and my review of the streaming service here.

Have you used the free membership trial to Amazon Prime?



  1. Melanie says

    Did you know you can share shipping benefits with up to four people? My sister got Prime and I have been able to receive the free, two-day shipping benefit too–it’s awesome. I think I should probably help pay for it next year for how much I’ve used it :) Just thought others might want to know that they can share that option with up to four friends or family members.

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