Drink Carrier Organizers

School and Craft Supply Organization Hint #3:  Repurpose Drink Carriers

A local restaurant where we get half-price drinks every once in a while (well, maybe more often that that… :) ) has some heavy-duty drink carriers.  They are perfect for storing craft supplies! I also like how they have a handle, so I can carry them wherever we choose to do school (inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs, etc.).

So far, I’ve made two of them:  One is a calendar organizer and the other is a reading workshop organizer.  I’m working on a math minute organizer next!

I used some scrapbook paper I picked up from Target in the $1 bin a few years ago to decorate one of the organizers.  The other is not too fancy, but it works for me!  I’ve also covered them in contact paper, so hopefully they will last longer!

Find more organization tips over at Ten Days of Organizing Your Craft and School Supplies post.


  1. Christine Chew says

    I love this! We have some lying around. I’d also love to hear what you have inside your Reading workshop and math minute organisers!

  2. nicole says

    Great idea! Would you be able to share where I can find that paper that is in the drink organizer?
    The one with the Zz Zebra and the ring (ng). That a great worksheet!

    • Stacie says

      Hi, Nicole! That is actually part of the curriculum that we use for the first grade from My Father’s World (mfwbooks.com).

  3. Elisa says

    So I’m not very smart. :) I love these, but can someone point me to some restaurants that have ones with handles?

    • says

      Hi, Elisa!

      I found them at Sonic, but I haven’t really looked or seen them at other places (but I haven’t really been paying attention, either)!

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