Father’s Day Hanger Craft

This is a quick and easy (and practical) craft idea for Father’s Day!

Preschool or Early Elementary Father’s Day Craft:
DAD Clothes Hanger


  • Clothes hanger
  • Posterboard (or file folder)
  • Hole punch
  • 4 ft. of yarn
  • Stickers and/or crayons
  • Scissors

1)  Trace around the inside of the hanger on a sheet of posterboard or a file folder.  Cut out.

2)  Use a hole punch to place holes every 1.5 inches (approximately).  This is pretty difficult for most preschoolers, so I ended up doing it.  My oldest did try a few times, so I put an x wherever a hole needed to be punched as a guide for her to follow.

3)  Decorate with stickers, crayons, etc.

4)  Use a four foot piece of string (with one end wrapped with tape to make it easier to thread through the holes) to lace the decorated posterboard to the hanger.

Pretty simple Father’s Day craft!  Put a new shirt on the hanger for an easy, personalized gift for dad on Father’s Day!


  1. Early Childcare Resources says

    What an awesome idea… I would love to make this craft… I doesn't have to be just for Dad or Mom… Grandparents day is coming up in September…

  2. Sharon Cohen says

    What a great idea. I just bought light blue tag board, white hangers, and teal yarn at the Dollar store.
    Tag board $1/sheet ( probably fits 3 hangers)
    Teal yarn $1.25 for 115 yards- 4 ft per student)
    Hangers: $2 for 7
    I also bought shiny red hearts and x/o’s to decorate
    I will ask the kids to draw a picture of them and their dad and write Je t’aime Papa then decorate with drawings and a few shiny hearts, etc


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