Handprint, Footprint, and Fingerprint Apple Tree Craft

We spread this Apple Tree project out over several days to allow plenty of drying time in between.  We did a project similar to this a few years ago called an Apple Pie Tree, but this one incorporates a foot, a hand, and a fingerprint!  These are definitely being added to our keepsake project box!

A nice read aloud with this project is The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall. 

Apple Tree Craft


  • Red, brown, and green paint
  • Bowl of water
  • Plates or other surfaces for the paints
  • White paper

1)  Paint your child’s foot with brown paint.

2)  Help them step onto a large piece of white paper.  Allow to dry completely.

Have a bowl of water nearby to clean their foot.  I recommend doing this either outside or on a washable surface!

3)  Paint your child’s hand with green paint.  Make several handprints for the “leaves” of the tree.  Allow to dry completely.

4)  Add “apples” to the tree with red paint fingerprints.


  1. Kim says

    Just finished this craft in school with my daughter! Super cute, though we did have to fill in a bit of the trunk since her high-arched foot left it completely blank between the heel and ball. :)


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