Water Balloon Target Practice

Day #14 of our 101 Days of Summer Fun for Kids:

water balloon activities

We love to play with water balloons.  The traditional tossing it back-and-forth is a favorite….as well as throwing them at each other!  This is another simple idea for a water balloon activity for kids.

Water Balloon Target Practice


  • Filled water balloons
  • Chalk (or object to serve as a target)

1)  Draw a target or line with sidewalk chalk.  Have your child toss the balloon as close to the center target or as close to the line as they can.


Place an object on the ground for your child to aim at (sand-filled soda bottle, chair, bucket, you).   :)



  1. […] I had a super fun, completely drenched battle with a group of girls last night.  These water bombs were too fun for me to resist.  You may have seen them posted on other sites already.  AV helped me cut sponges into strips, and I secured them in the middle with tiny stretchy hair bands.  If you haven’t done this yet, here’s the tutorial so you’ve no excuse now!  Go to the dollar store and pick up some sponges today, then go outside and let your kids water bomb you.  But don’t stop there – how about using them for cleaning up at the end of a Messy Party, or even for a target practice game? […]

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