Home Management Binder + Printables for 2013

Find my free 2014 Homemaking Binder Printables here.

Last year, I finally got everything together and made a home management binder!  I just recently purchased a pretty zippered binder that I love and transferred everything into it, and I wanted to give you a quick tour!

I also have the 8.5″ x 11″ printables available for download (if you are interested in that you can find out more at the bottom of the post).

Putting Together A Home Management Binder:

The very first page of the binder is my mission statement, because I want to live life with purpose and focus.  It’s easy to get side-tracked in life, so I put it right at the front of the binder so I will see it every day and remember what I want to be about.  This sheet is customizable, so you can add your name and mission statement.

To divide the sections of my homemaking binder, I purchased a package of Avery dividers that have pockets in them.  I LOVE having the pockets for papers I need to fill-out, items I need to remember, schedules, bills, my checkbook, and more!

I included five sections in my binder:

  • Home
  • Calendars
  • Recipes
  • Kids
  • Bible

I did have a blogging section, but I’ve since put all my blogging stuff in a separate binder.

HOME Section of My Home Management Binder:

First, I’ve included a goal checklist.  I’ll get mine written up and added in just a few days!  If you would like more information about setting goals, you can see my brainstorming questions and another printable goal form here.

I also have an important date list to add birthdays and anniversaries.

I’ve also included the Chore Chart checklist in the home section of the binder.  One way to use it would be to fill out your monthly, quarterly, and annual chores.  Slip the sheet into a page protector and mark the date you complete each chore with a dry erase marker!

CALENDER Section of My Homemaking Binder:

The printable weekly calendar is my favorite part of the binder…and where I usually have it turned to during the day.  I record appointments, my to-do list, and any part of our menu plan that I need to prep for (if I need to set out frozen chicken the night before, etc.).  Each day also includes a checklist.  I mark off when I finish cleaning the area for that day (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living areas, etc.), Bible study, exercise, vitamins, water, and load of laundry (I’m trying to keep a better handle on the laundry pile this year)!

I realize that not everyone wants the checklist at the bottom, so I’ve also included a weekly planner with a larger menu space and no checklist.  Both the weekly calendar with the checklist and the weekly calendar without the checklist come in the download.

RECIPE Section of My Home Management Binder:

The recipe reference printable page is a great place to record some of your tried-and-true recipes.   If you’re having a tough time thinking of something to make, just take a look at this sheet to get some idea.  You can also use it for recipes you want to try.

I have a few loose recipes I’ve torn from magazines stored in page protectors.

This printable menu planning sheet is new for 2013, and I love it!  It includes room for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and has a grocery shopping list on the side.  This would look nice hanging up on your refrigerator, too.

The grocery list area includes a small box you can check if you have a coupon for that item.  I personally write down where to find the coupon when I’m making my weekly menu plan.  For instance, if a coupon I need is in the P&G insert from December 30, I’ll just pencil in PG 12/30.  Then, I know where to look for it (I find the coupons I want by searching the coupon database)!   You can always just put a checkmark in the box so you remember that you have a coupon for that item, too.

When it’s time to go shopping, just cut off the list and take it with you!


Right now, I’m currently testing out the Paleo menu plan from eMeals, so that is included in my binder, too.  I have page protectors storing each week’s meal plan.

KIDS Section of My Home Management Binder:

First, I have a monthly calendar I’m using to plan out read alouds, field trips, service projects, and kids activities.

The kids section includes a schedule.  You can either use one sheet for everyone in the family and fill out a Monday-Friday schedule or fill out a daily schedule for each person in the family on one sheet.  I did a basic schedule for all of us on one page.

The last part in my kids section is an idea list.  This list could actually be used for anything:  sewing projects, house projects, Pinterest projects, etc.  I chose to go through our resources and make a list of activities the girls could do.  I slipped it into a page protector, so I can cross off activities we complete with a dry-erase pen.  Once the girls have done all of the activities, I can just clean of the page protector and start again!

The Bible section is the last part of my binder.  Right now, it just contains lined notebook paper for taking notes and journaling!

So, that’s my simple home management binder.  It’s nothing too fancy, but it’s working well for us!


Due to popular demand (and for my 2-year-blogging anniversary), I am giving away my 2013 home management binder printables for FREE to email subscribers through August 31, 2013!  To get them, just go here and pick a subscription option.  Be sure to confirm your subscription through the link they will send you.  Then, shortly after you confirm, you should receive another email with the link to the download.

I realize that not everyone is interested in getting my daily email updates, so you can purchase the printable set of 8.5″ x 11″ pages for just $1.99.  If you’d like to purchase a set, please just click on the button below!

2014 Free Home Management Binder Printables

27 Pages of Home Management Binder Printables for $2.99

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Homemaking Binder Download Set

There are a total of 25 8.5″ x 11″ pages included in the download:

  • Customizable Cover
  • Important Dates
  • Chore Chart Checklist
  • Recipe References
  • Menu Planner
  • Idea Checklist
  • Weekly Calendar (2 Versions)
  • Schedule
  • Goal Sheet
  • Monthly Calendars for 2014
  • Babysitter form
  • Daily planner

Happy Homemaking Binder Making!!  :)

P.S.  If these printables are helpful to you, would you please consider sharing this post via Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook!  Just click the share button below the post or on the side of the page!  Thank you so much!

Please note:  These printables were created by Shelly Fraley at InkMediaDesign.com.  This set is copyright-protected.  Please feel free to make copies for yourself but share this blog post with friends so they can get their own!  Thanks so much!


  1. Laura says

    I found you through The daily saver and subscribed because you sound fascinating. I am traveling the next few days (by car from family…long trip) and have no access to a computer. Is it possible I’ll be able to save the files and email them to myself if I use my smartphone? Probably too much to hope for. :) I have an iPhone which sometimes makes this stuff tricky.

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Hi, Laura!

      If you’ve already subscribed and confirmed, just send me an email and I will send the file to you so you can be sure to get it! Thanks and have a fun trip! :)

  2. Tara H says

    Stacie, Thanks so much for these! I have to be honest and tell you that I printed last year’s that you had and put them in a notebook and NEVER filled them out! But I’m praying that using the goals sheets that you shared last week, this year WILL be different! One of my goals is to USE my home management binder! Thanks again for being an encouragement to me!

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Tara! You are so kind to me! It’s true…a home management binder and plan don’t work unless you actually use them! 😉 But you know that…and so do I unfortunately! There are many days I don’t use it as I should, but it is helping me, so I keep at it! Here’s to goal planning and success in 2013!

  3. Scheneithia says

    HI Stacie,
    Thank you so much for this awesome information. I already subscribe to your blog and rec’d the email. I opened up the link and then tried to save it , but it’s not allowing me to save it. Would putting in my favorites work? If not, can you give me any suggestions as to why it’s not allowing me to save the copy. Thanks for all you do. You give me hope that I can be who God intended me to be as a wife, mother, and friend.

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Hmmm…I’m not sure. You might try using a different browser like Chrome or Firefox? It seems to be working fine when I try it. If you continue to have issues, go ahead and email me because I will actually be taking the link all the way down so it won’t work to bookmark it. Hope that helps!

      • Nadia Knapp says

        I am having trouble subscribing. I go to the page and enter my email address and click subscribe and it doesn’t do anything. Would you know what I am doing wrong? Thanks

  4. Rebecca says

    Hi Stacie,

    I am a subscriber and received the email with the link to download this set for free, however, the link is not working for me. When I click it brings me to a new screen where it looks like the document will open, but it doesn’t. Is there anything else I could try? Thanks

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Hi, Rebecca! I would try using a different browser. I would also suggest right-clicking the link and copying and pasting it in a browser. The other issue could be that my site is getting much more traffic than normal because of the download and it’s crashing, so you might just want to try again later! I hope that one of those helps! If not, please send me an email!

    • Amber says

      I was having the same problem. Then I did as Stacie suggested and right clicked on the link, but instead of opening in a different browser, I was able to “save target as”. It worked for me. I hope this helps. And thank you Stacie for the downloads. I look forward to receiving your emails and exploring you site.

      • Stacie Nelson says

        Thanks so much, Amber! I’m guessing different email programs respond to the link differently or something! I’m glad you were able to get it to work! :)

  5. Mandi says

    I signed up and confirmed yesterday but never got the daily e-mail with the link for the 2013 printables! I was watching my email all day! Any chance I can get the file for them as well? Thank you so much!

    • Stacie Nelson says

      There were some technical difficulties yesterday, so I just resent the link to everyone! Hopefully, everything is working now!

  6. Christina says

    Hi there! I’m in the same situation as Laura…I’m on vacation (with my iPhone of course;) and will not be able to ‘save’ the files on my computer until I get home on the 7th. Can I also email you for the links then?? Thanks so much! :)

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Sure! If you are a subscriber just send me an email when you get back! Happy vacation! :)

  7. Jennifer says

    Hello, I purchased the printables and have not been able to access the link either. My email says I have 5 tries and I’ve used three already. When I click on the link I get a blank screen, then it says I am not connected to the internet (which is not true, since I can access my email and other sites!). Is there any advice or help? :( thank you.

  8. Nicole says

    I am already subscribed & cant figure out how to get to the download without filling out a new subscription form. Am I missing something?

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Hi, Nicole! If you just recently signed up, once you confirmed a special email is sent with the link. If you’ve been a subscriber for a while, I’ve sent three special emails over the last two weeks with the link. You might try checking your spam box if you aren’t finding it!

      • Amy Turner says

        I’m struggling finding the link too, are you sending it out again soon? I became a subscriber maybe a week or 2 ago. Did I miss the link?

        LOVE LOVE LOVE your site by the way! THANK YOU for all these resources, you’re amazing!!!

        • Stacie Nelson says

          Once you confirmed your subscription, you should’ve been sent an email with the links to all the freebies. I also sent a separate email last week! Be sure to check your spam and add me to your safe list. Hotmail is one of the worst about sending my stuff to spam!

          Email me if you can’t find it!

  9. says

    I am also already a subscriber and I can’t find the Home Management Printables. I checked my spam and old e-mails sent from you, but I don’t see them anywhere. Could you please resend the files to me at tlmswt2000 (at) msn (dot) com. Please remove spaces and replace words with symbols in my e-mail address. I am trying to cut down my junk mail and spam. Thanks a bunch! I look forward to using the Home Management Binder Files.

  10. says

    I just joined, but didn’t get these printables…anyway I can still get them sent to me? (I’m so completely new to this blogging thing so I may have just missed the opportunity if it knocked on my door already.)

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Hi, Dori,
      Once you verify your subscription, you’ll receive a separate email with the download! Check your spam if you don’t see it!

  11. says

    Hi Stacie. First I must say I’m very thankful for finding your site; we find it very useful! When I signed up, I never received the free printables (was a few weeks ago)…is there another way to get them?


    • Stacie Nelson says

      You should’ve gotten an email with the links AFTER you confirmed your subscription! You might want to check your spam mail just to be sure it didn’t go there! Otherwise, feel free to email me at motherhoodonadime at gmail dot com.

  12. Elizabeth Thompson says

    You are so organized! I’m trying to get better, but don’t know if I’ll ever be this good! Thanks for your tips!

  13. Su says

    Loved your ideas so much… Trying to make a Home Management Organizer just like yours so please do send me the printables. I have already subscribed to your news letter.

    Thank you,

    • Stacie Nelson says

      They should’ve come in a separate email after you confirmed your subscription. If you’ve been a subscriber for a while, I sent three separate emails with the link throughout the month of January. You are welcome to email me if you need to!

  14. Ashley Schmidt says

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Feel free to email me at motherhoodonadime@gmail. My emails tend to go to spam on yahoo accounts so you’ll need to add me to your safe sender list.

  15. SHEROL says

    I subscribe to your blog but don’t think I ever received your home management binder printables. Is there a way I can get them.

    • Stacie Nelson says

      I sent several links out in January, but you may have missed them. Check your email (and spam), because I will send you the link!

  16. says

    Hello! First let me say your site is wonderful! Thank you for writing, planning, and implementing your blog is a clear and consciousness manner! The reason, beyond the compliments, was to inquire if it would be be possible to receive your print outs, as I have subscribed to all of your pages and have not received the printables to date.

    Thank you,

    Misty Nicole

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Hi, Misty,
      If you are already an email subscriber, just send me an email and I can help you get the downloads! motherhoodonadime @ gmail.com

  17. Laura says

    Hi there,

    I’m already a subscriber, could I get a link to the binder printables please? I have high hopes for getting my act together over the summer …


  18. Darcy says

    I signed up for the newsletter last week and still haven’t recieved the download link. Please help!

  19. says

    I inadvertently deleted the email with the free Binder downloads. Would you mind terribly sending it again?
    Pam Dean

  20. Debbie Justice says

    I never got an email with the free binder downloads or I missed it. Would you please send it to me again? Love your site. Look forward to all that’s to come! Thank you so much.

  21. Alison says

    Hi, I just signed up to receive your daily newsletter, and I have not received a confirmation email. I added the feedbitz info to my contact list and also checked my junk mail. What can I do differently? Thanks! I look forward to the updates and also setting up my home management notebook.

  22. Amber D says

    Hi! I just signed up and I am so excited about the Home Management Binder, however, I’m not sure its worth printing it out and setting it all up for 2013 at this point. When will you be publishing the 2014 and will we have access to it?
    Thanks so much!!

  23. .Rebecca M. says

    I love the binder! However, I opened the email with the link from my ipad, now that I am at my computer the link will not work. Is it because I already used the link once? Could you please send me the link again? I still remember the password. Thanks, I would greatly appreciate it


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