Christmas Cooking with Kids: Simple Nativity Snack

I almost didn’t post this Nativity snack, but the girls loved it–and it was quite easy to make!  This would be a perfect cooking project for a preschooler or early elementary child.

Simple Nativity Snack


  • Small bowl or cup
  • Chocolate pudding
  • Shredded coconut
  • Yellow sprinkles
  • Large marshmallow
  • Small marshmallow
  • Food pen (or just use a marker and don’t eat the small marshmallow!)

1)  Make chocolate pudding and spoon it into the bottom of a bowl or cup for the manger.

2)  Sprinkle shredded coconut on top and add yellow sprinkles for the hay.

3)  Place a large marshmallow for the swaddling.  Add a face to the small marshmallow and place next to the large marshmallow for baby Jesus.

You can see a more time-intensive Nativity snack here.


  1. Allison says

    We are very much looking forward to this week’s activities! My son is allergic to coconut, however. Can you think of another alternative to make the hay?

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