Free Summer Fun Pack: Summer Bucket List Printable + 2 FREE Summer Activity Calendars

Free Summer Fun Pack

Free Summer Bucket List Printable

Whew!  We finished our last week of school, and I’m ready to be finished (although math and reading continue throughout the summer)!!  The girls and I have gotten in the summer spirit…and started brainstorming and compiling ideas for a Summer Bucket List!  If you aren’t familiar with this, it’s simply a list of fun ideas we want to do this summer.  Here is out list from a few years ago.

If you are interested in making your own, read on to see how you can get a “Summer Bucket List” printable!


FREE Summer Activities for Kids

I’ve also had several emails and comments asking me if I would post another Summer Fun calendar to go along with the activities I shared  during the 101 Days of Summer Fun for Kids series!  To that end, I’ve made two calendars for this summer, added the Summer Bucket List printable, and made them all available for everyone!  Nope…you don’t have to subscribe or like my Facebook page or anything (although if you want to, I would love to get to know you)!

The calendars are simply a collection of activities we’ve done over the past few years–like making Campfire Cones, going on a Park Hop, and 59 other ideas!

Included in the Summer Fun for Kids printable pack:

  • June 2015 activity calendar
  • July 2015 activity calendar
  • Summer Bucket List printable

PLEASE DOWNLOAD the calendars and printable Summer Bucket pages below———->

2015 Summer Fun Kids Activities Calendars and FREE Printable Summer Bucket List

Click the link above, and you’ll find the free Summer Fun Pack!  Be sure you have Adobe Acrobat installed to access the calendars, bucket list, and links.


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Not into deals?  I also have a Homeschooling on a Dime website and a faith, fitness, food, and family site at!


I hope you enjoy!  Here’s to a fun summer!!!



  1. Jamie says

    How do I download the Summer Fun Pack? I’m not on facebook and I’m already signed-up for your emails.


    • Stacie Nelson says

      I’ll be sending out an email to all subscribers tomorrow with the link!

  2. Amy says

    I just found your site and was looking over the summer activities. How fun! I was wondering if you have any sort of list compiled of all of the supplies you’d need to complete the month of activities? I know it wouldn’t be too hard to do, but if you already had one…! :)

    • Stacie Nelson says

      That would be a great idea, but I don’t have that currently! It will probably vary quite a bit depending on how many of the activities you decide to do and how many kiddos you have participating!

  3. lisa says

    Can I get the link emailed to me too? I tried the Facebook route, but the link does not work for me. I also signed up for your emails and can not find out how to get them.

    • Stacie Nelson says

      The link should have come in a separate email after you confirmed your subscription. Feel free to send me an email at motherhoodonadime at gmail dot com.

  4. says

    THANK YOU for your hard work in putting together these resources! This and your learning bags are just spectacular. It must have been a lot of work to create: but so appreciated!

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Thank you, Alyssa! I really appreciate it, and I’m so glad they are helpful!

  5. Emily says

    I also subscribe to you and don’t Facebook, but I can’t seem to find the link you emailed to download this pack. Please help!

    • Stacie Nelson says

      This is free for subscribers or Facebook fans. You’re welcome to subscribe or become a fb friend to get the link! Thanks! :)

  6. Lisa says

    I just signed up for your posts. How do I get the download for the summer lists?

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Once you confirm your subscription, you will receive an email with all the free download links. Thanks!

  7. Nikki h. says

    Hi there I tried to like on fb but I didn’t see the star. I also searched the site but still no luck. Will you email it to me please? Thanks

    • Stacie Nelson says

      You can only see the welcome tab on a regular computer, so if you are trying on a tablet or phone, you won’t see it. You are welcome to email me if you have any more questions. motherhoodonadime @ gmail dot com

  8. SSusan Nafziger says

    I have subscribed to your Motherhood on a Dime blog several months ago, but have not received any updates yet. I checked to see that I was subscribed and in my spam mail, but cannot find any evidence of receiving updates. I am interested in the summer 2013 activity calendars and tried doing it on facebook, but could not find the link when I “liked” it. Can you please send them to me via email at [email protected]. I do love your preschool “A to Z” bible curriculum. It is awesome!

    ~Susan Nafziger

  9. Summer says

    I just liked your page on FB, & clicked on the ‘Welcome’ picture. All that came up was your logo, but no link to click on. Thanks.

    • Stacie Nelson says

      Hi, Summer,
      I just checked it and it’s working fine, so you’ll want to be sure you did actually like the page. The logo is the only thing you will see until you’ve liked the page, and then you can go back to the Welcome box and the links will be there! Be sure you are also on a computer when you are looking at it (and not a cell phone or tablet)!

  10. says

    Hi, just linked up to this as we’ve been using this all summer and my 6 year old LOVES crossing things off on this list as we do them. Thanks for the fun image printable!

  11. Crystal Trujillo says

    I keep getting Error when trying to download from your welcome link on Facebook.. 😉


    • says

      I’ve tested it in every browser and it’s working fine, so I’m not quite sure! Maybe try again–the site may have down when you tried!

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